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Christmas Party DO's & DON'Ts

Christmas is round the corner and everyone is planning to have a Christmas party. But planning a Christmas party can be troublesome if certain do's and don'ts are not followed. Christmas is all about enjoying and having fun with colleagues and co-workers. But in the fun of enjoying Christmas parties certain things should not be forgotten.

Guests often forget parties are an extension of the office environment and as such some basic guidelines should be followed if you want to make the right impression.

  • Pace yourself. You will have a long night ahead to drink and enjoy.
  • Don't try and score with one of your work colleagues. Remember, you will have to see them back in the office again.
  • Keep your distance from the over affectionate. Donít flirt and avoid inappropriate behavior at the party.
  • Don't be the first to arrive or the last to leave.
  • Don't talk office politics. Avoid gossiping about other work colleagues or worst, the boss!
  • Wine and beer, oh dear - Donít mix your drinks. It will only lead to disaster and suffering.
  • Don't order food that is difficult to eat, especially in front of others.
  • Beware the inappropriate joke.
  • Donít over do it on the dance moves.
  • Thank the person who has planned and invited you to the Christmas party.
  • Re-hydrate the ímorning afterí. Get up and take a hot shower, eat something and get some fresh air.